Over the past six years at Indiana University, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a range of courses to English majors and non-majors, from several iterations of freshman composition to the junior-level literature survey (see my CV for the full and up-to-date list). I have also designed two intensive first-year writing courses that explore medieval literature and its reception in modern pop culture: Shore-Raids and Shield-Maids: Representations of Vikings in Popular Culture and Dragons and Dragon Slayers in Popular Fantasy Literature.  Both classes introduce students to critical reading via medieval texts (like the Bestiary or Old Norse Sagas) before exploring later iterations in other media formats like the graphic novelization of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit or the recent Thor and Loki comics. We also learn how to analyze film, social media, and video games with an eye towards cultivating the skills it takes to perform sound independent research and critical readings of texts in whatever format we encounter them.

For examples, check out my syllabi: Syllabus ENG W170 Shore Raids and Shield Maids Spring 2016and W170 Dragons 8am Syllabus.

Teaching Interests:

  • British Literature, Beowulf to Milton
  • Old English and Anglo-Latin Language & Literature
  • History of the English Language
  • Intro to Literary Theory and Interpretation
  • Intro to any of the following Medieval Languages: Latin, Old Norse, Middle Welsh, Old Irish, Middle English
  • Intro to the Apocrypha
  • The Bible as Literature
  • Celtic Literature and Myth
  • Viking Sagas and Poetry
  • Manuscript Studies
  • Fantasy Literature
  • Tolkien, Lewis, and the Inklings
  • Science Fiction and Epistemology