(Pictured: the author, deliberating which is the most excellent form of donut)

I’m ABD at Indiana University, where I study and teach in the Department of English. I got my BA in Anthropology/Linguistics in 2011 from Miami University (OH), studied classics at the University of Pennsylvania the year after that, and have been happily planted in Bloomington ever since. As a rule, I love languages: but also, the deader the better.

My research interests center on medieval literature and early Christian apocrypha. I take a comparative philological approach, so I study Anglo-Saxon literature alongside Old Norse, Middle Welsh, Medieval Irish, and Latin texts. I also work on reception theory and hermeneutics, eschatology and theology, cognitive approaches to literature, and medievalism in pop culture (especially Vikings, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature,  and Horror). I explore all but the last of these (medievalism) in my dissertation, “The Infernal Laboratory: Hermeneutics and Hell in the Vernaculars of the Medieval North Sea.”

As a teacher, I am firmly devoted to blowing freshmen minds along as many vectors as possible: every media format is up for analysis, every debate welcomed, every student valued. I’ve loved and taught (in that order) classes on First Year Composition, the ‘Beowulf to Milton’ English Lit survey, classes on Vikings and Pop Culture, the History of the English Language, and classes on Dragons and Dragon-Slayers.

When I’m not doing the above, you can usually find me running, scribbling down a poem, playing fetch with my cat, or gently attempting to persuade innocent bystanders of the glamour/joys of etymology.

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